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My Favourite cricket player is MS DHONI whom I admire as well. 

  • He was born on 7 july , 1981. He captained our cricket team INDIA from 2007-2016 in limited over cricket and from 2008-2014 in Test Cricket.
  • He is a right handed batsman and wicket keeper for team INDIA.
  • He  is regarded as best wicket keeper in the world.
  • He is the most successful captain for INDIA in all times.
  • He is named as Captain Cool , since he can handle the pressure very well and he has led his team to victory in many tense situation. He is a great run chaser.
  • In his captaincy INDIA won the T-20 WORLD CUP in the year 2007.


  • Not only this, he led India to many series win, many Tri series, tournaments, Asia Cup,etc.
  • India became NO.1 In test and one day rankings.
  • The biggest of achievement was when INDIA won the  50-50 over 2011 WORLD CUP in his captaincy. DHONI made an unbeaten 91 for his team and INDIA lifted the WORLD CUP after 28 years, the last one was at 1983.


  • India-World-Cup-2011INDIA also won the 2013 CHAMPIONS TROPHY in his leadership , beating England in the FINAL.

ICC Champions Trophy Winners Photocall

  • He always keeps his calm and leads the team very nicely .
  • His best score in one day’s is 183 against Sri Lanka.
  • He also captains his team Chennai Super Kings in the INDIAN PRIMIER LEAGUE (IPL). He has led CSK to 2 time wins and this time has reached the most no.of finals.
  • Captain cool MS DHONI is and will be my favourite cricketer forever.


Playing games and sports have been my hobbies since i was around 4 years. It gives u a very relaxed and joyful experience which is difficult to understand by reading it here,but easy to feel it yourself.

I like playing and watching most of the indoor or outdoor games but my favourite is CRICKET and i have been a die hard fan of cricket since my early childhood.

At the age of 6-7 I couldn’t remember the names of many things,which i had listened first time, but the strange thing was   that i could remember as well as pronounce the name of cricket players of my country INDIA as well as other country’s players. It was shocking for my parents.

I think this is why we are able to do those things or tasks very easily in life, which we like or we can say we have a greater chance to excel in a thing which we like or passionate about , it maybe your career or anything.

Coming back to cricket ,i developed more likings in cricket in my puberty. Also i started to love more games and sports and i started indulging in them. The other sports i started to love now are Badminton and Chess and Iam always eager to learn more good skills and tactics in these games.

It’s quite common u are more curious to learn a thing which u are interested in. So what i think is one should try to find the best quality and skill in him/her self as quickly as possible , so that u have sufficient time to develop it. The skill could be in anything be it in sports, acting, music etc.

Since i like these sports i try to find time for these whenever possible…like playing cricket in college…when i reach home early i play badminton….nd for chess i play that on app.

No one is too busy

Its the fact that

the things which are important for u

you will surely take time for it.